Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I guess my first post is bound to be awkward, but I'm giving this a whirl. I like food, I like running, I like my town, and I like blogs, so why not make a blog about food and running around my town?

My usual CSA decided this year to run a winter program, which I'm incredibly excited about. I know my vegetable options will be limited, but it forces me to get creative with all those greens and winter squashes.

Last night I picked up our first share, but since I had to go vote, I didn't get a chance to start cooking until after 7, so it had to be fast. I sauteed garlic and onions in olive oil, and shredded kale directly into the pan. Salt, red pepper, some rice wine and a splash of lemon juice made a subtle and healthy twist on my grandmother's comforting greens. While sweet potatoes were cooking in the microwave (I'd rather cook them in the oven, but I was going for speed), I dipped slices of green tomatoes in milk and lemon juice, then coated with cornmeal and Tony Chachere's before pan frying. Someday I'll have to learn how to cook green tomatoes without frying, but not just yet.

This morning unfortunately did not feature a run, thanks to the after effects of the Raleigh marathon and a raging head cold. But perhaps this evening will involve a walk to Duke Park withBC the pup before enjoying my crockpot dinner.

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