Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet Potato Dog

I'm sure anybody who has a pet can sympathize with this. Oh the sheer determination combined with that look so innocent it makes you feel guilty.

Once BC managed to get an angel food cake from the center of the kitchen table and out of it's packaging. When I responded to the weird crunching noises, I discovered him with the entire circle of cake hanging out of his mouth and an ecstatic body wiggle. When I ordered him to sit and drop it, he obeyed and continued wiggling out of sheer joy and pride in himself. I picked up the cake and he followed me to the trashcan, where I dropped it in. He then defeatedly dropped to the ground and whimpered. 3 hours later when I went to bed he was still there, staring at the graveyard of his hard-won prize.

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Sarah said...

This is awesome. Heehee. My dog got ahold of the last burger that my husband painstakingly fixed for himself. He'll never forget it either.